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The complete kit contains top quality components along with our exclusive master series 28" rip-stop nylon parachute and a Kevlar shock cord anchor.

RDR II Takes Flight
RDR II on the Pad
Here it is! - The ultimate all around stubby rocket that flies on standard D or E engines.  With a huge 4" diameter airframe standing 33" tall, fellow rocketeers will take notice when the RDR II is on the pad and thrilled when it takes to the sky on the fiery twin engine cluster.

The RDR II is designed with the novice modeler in mind, using materials and construction techniques that are familiar to all skill levels.  The illustrated step-by-step instructions make for an uncomplicated and a very enjoyable build.

The RDR's lightweight and rugged construction result in spectacular flights that do not require a large field for recovery.

The RDR II is a skill level 3 kit, requires a 1/4" x 72" launch rod, and a 12 volt launch controller for reliable cluster ignition
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