There is only one Daddy when it comes to mid-size model rockets and here it is -  Mutant Daddy - The nuclear daddy of mid-size park fliers.  This model rocket is big on looks and big on thrills!

The Mutant Daddy  is the perfect model rocket for the park or ball field with impressive performance and thrilling lift-offs reaching altitudes from 300' to 600'. And just think of the reaction from the crowd when this mutant rocket unleashes not one but two rip-stop nylon parachutes to bring the Mutant Daddy back to earth.

This model rocket's scale is impressive, featuring our exclusive 3" nose cone, 3" diameter airframe and standing over 2' tall .  This kit includes precision laser cut components and detailed instructions make this model rocket a pleasure to build and fly.

Price  $29.95 
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Mutant Daddy  Model Rocket Kit Review
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