Glues and one man's quest to answer the question: Does anything stick to HDPE?
High-density polyethylene is marvelous plastic that is great for blow molding big nose cones like the one used on our 4" diameter rockets (RDR and Integrator).  The properties that make HDPE perfect for blow molding also make it very resistant to chemicals and most notably adhesives.  Paint will stick as long as the surface is clean and sanded to give the paint something to grab on to but glue adhesion is a whole different deal.  Thank goodness one of our customers decided to take on the challenging adhesion issue head on and even wrote up a very nice report to boot. 

Mercury Engineering would like to throw out a big thank you to Joe Sredniawski for his time and effort. Here is his report, uncut and unedited for your reading pleasure.

HDPE Adhesive Report (PDF)

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