Rocket Engines/Motors

Black Powder Engines (Common)

A - E        Black powder propellant type rocket engines are available at local hobby stores and craft stores.  The leading
                manufacturers are Estes and Quest.  Most of our rockets are designed to use black powder rocket engines.

Physical Dimensions                                                                                                   Rocket

A - C                18mm (.69in) Diameter x 70mm (2.75in) length                                Impulse Reactor

C11 - D            24mm (.945in) Diameter x 70mm (2.75in) length                              Atomizer, Mutant Daddy*,
                                                                                                                                Invader*, RDRII*, Integrator*

E                      24mm (.945in) Diameter x 95mm (3.75in) length                              Mutant Daddy, Invader,
                                                                                                                                RDR II, Integrator

*  Requires Supplied E to D Adapter.

Composite Motors (Single Use)

E - G         These more advanced motors are available through mail order retailers, specialized hobby stores, and onsite dealers at
                  local club launches. 
AeroTech and Roadrunner Rocketry both produce a line of 29mm single use motors that
                  work well with our 29mm rockets.

Physical Dimensions                                                                                                    Rocket

E                 24mm (.945in) Diameter x 70mm (2.75in) length                                   Mutant Daddy*, Invader*

F                 29mm (1.13in) Diameter x 98mm (3.88in) length                                   RDR I, Grave Danger

G**            29mm (1.13in) Diameter x 124mm (4.88in) length                                 RDR I, Grave Danger

*    Requires Supplied E to D Adapter.
**  Must be over 18 to purchase and use.

Always Follow the Rocket Motor/Engine Manufacturer's Instructions for Proper Use!
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