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Loading up the pad
Grave Danger on the pad
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DIY Heavy-Duty Launch Pad
Need a launch pad that won't cost you an arm and a leg and can handle the smallest of the low-power rockets and the largest of the mid-power rockets?  This Do-it-Yourself pad can handle just about anything you throw at it or launch from it.  It weighs a ton, which makes it very stable and robust, but it is very compact and a cinch to build.  This design incorporates some very nice features like a 1/2" drill chuck for the launch rod mount, ceramic blast shield that can handle the heat and prevents shorting out your launch controller, and stylish side panels for your favorite decals (we recommend a nice Mercury logo).  We drew up some plans to help you along.  Just click on the plans sheet to the right to open up the PDF file.
Premium Version
The first time we used the above pad at a local launch, a fellow rocketeer asked if we stored our launch controller and launch supplies in the launch pad?  And we thought Hummmmm.....what if?  Well we never got around to building that version of the pad, but we did model it up.  It is exactly the same pad except you add a floor to the side panels, a couple hinges, and a couple of latches and bingo you got yourself a launch pad/tool box.  Plus, you can tilt the rod down to load your rocket.  Sorry, no prints for this one. Click on the two upper images for a larger view of the pad or if you are using Internet Explorer, click on the lower-right image for a really cool interactive 3D view of the pad.  To view the 3D pad, Internet Explorer will prompt you to add a required plug-in from SolidWorks (a very trusted source).
Click on above images for a closer view
Click on image to the right for a 3D view of the premium pad.
(Requires MS Internet Explorer to view)
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