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This was sent to us from Aaron Tyler.  Aaron's Integrator is blasting through the sky headed for the thin air on (3) AT 24mm F21's.  Wow!  He went on to tell us that he regularly sends both his RDR II and his Integrator up on AT E30's or F21's (when he can find them).  He also mentioned that both rockets are bone stock except for the heavy use of epoxy.
Aaron Tyler's Integrator
Here is our very own Integrator on (3) E9-6 engines at the Arizona Rocket Gathering  (ARG) 2007.  In fact, this is our first prototype that we still fly today.
Integrator Model Rocket - ARG 2007
Integrator at Soar High Power Launch
Here is a great shot of Manson's Integrator coming off the pad on (3) E9-6 engines at Soar High Power launch in Atlanta
RDR Model Rockets Crossing During Flight
We were having lots of fun doing some model rocket drag racing at ARG 2007.  We loaded one rocket with (2) D12-5 engines and the other with (2) E9-6 engines (Can't remember which had what).  The rockets would always cross paths at about 60', which made for some real excitement.
Check out the slide show we put together on the RDR II drag races - Hit the play button and enjoy
Kenneth of Sweden getting his RDR-I ready for flight.  Wow - take a look at that awesome countryside, sure is a ways from the Arizona desert. Photo by Daniel Johanson
Kenneth's RDR-I under chute in the blue sky.  Another great photo by Daniel Johanson
Joe G's slick looking Grave Danger hooked up and ready to go at the CMASS launch
Grave Danger at CMASS
Awesome launch of Kenneth's Grave Danger on an AT G79-10W.  Another great shot by Daniel Johanson
Joe G's Mutant Daddy having some fun playing in the snow.
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Mercury RDR II
Mr. X's RDR-II hopped up on (2) Aerotech F20 and quickly departing the Mercury pad at ARG 6.
Integrator at ARG 2009
Just how big is the Integrator?
Really BIG!
Here is a video of a static test we conducted at the Mercury Testing Compound.  The test was conducted using an Aerotech F40 RMS and an early prototype Hijacker.