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Number one on the agenda are thrills and excitement motivated by the pure rush of adrenalin when the Hijacker takes to the sky balanced on a fiery tail of rocket engine exhaust. Next on the agenda is pure satisfaction as the Hijacker returns home underneath a spectacular parachute.
This model  kit features precision laser cut light plywood fins with through the wall tabs that attach directly to the heavy-duty engine tube for the ultimate in reliability.  Another great feature is the integrated ejection baffle that adds an additional level of protection for the recovery system from hot ejection gasses.
Price  $46.95  
Plus Shipping*  

It just does not get any easier than this, build it, paint it black, apply the eye-popping four color decal and head for the range.  This model rocket can handle it all, from small fields flying on a 24mm E30** to going full throttle on a RMS H128 for a high power level 1 flight.  The kit comes standard with a 29mm engine mount and our master series 28" rip-stop nylon parachute.


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Hijacker Model Rocket Kit
Hijacker Model Rocket Kit
Hijacker Model Rocket Kit
**Requires optional 24mm engine adapter (ME-EA-24M).
Hijacker  Model Rocket Kit Review
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